Professor Jeremy Waldron

Professor Jeremy Waldron is University Professor at New York University School of Law, teaching legal and political philosophy. Previously he has held positions as University Professor in the School of Law at Columbia University and Chichele Professor of Social and Political Theory at the University of Oxford (All Souls College).

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Sir John Graham Lecture 2017 | Polls Apart

Reclaiming respect in a time of polarised politics

Now the initial jolt has worn off from “shock” election results around the world, it is time to ask: how can we repair the fabric of civility between people entrenched on opposite sides of political questions?

At the tenth annual Sir John Graham Lecture, Professor Jeremy Waldron will address the many divides in contemporary political culture, and suggest a framework of civility that enables political leaders and voters to maintain both our deeply held convictions and our humanity.

Can bitter opponents deal with one another on a basis of civility and respect?

Do we have enough in common to overcome that which divides us?

Do political leaders have an obligation to act as role models of civility and compromise? 


Delivered by Professor Jeremy Waldron

6PM, Friday, 28 July
Dinner and lecture $160 per person, $1495 for a table of 10 (incl. GST).

Get your tickets now, email or call 09 627 3261. 


We gratefully acknowledge The New Zealand Law Foundation’s support of this event.

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