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MIC 10 | Wasted Efforts? – The realities of recycling and disposal in New Zealand

It’s becoming harder to ignore the long-term effects of our society’s habits of consumer consumption. More and more, New Zealanders are waking up to the massive amounts of waste we produce, and the gaps in our systems for trying to process it sustainably.

Can we trust our recycling systems?
Are some plastics better to use than others?
How can we effectively reduce our waste footprint?
What’s the deal with “compostable” plastic, and why aren’t more companies using it? 



Sharon Humphreys – Executive Director of Packaging New Zealand
Sharon has led Packaging New Zealand since 2013, an organisation which represents the packaging industry as a key sector in the New Zealand economy. She is a passionate ambassador for the role packaging plays in a sustainable society, encouraging sensible debate around the dichotomous position of packaging being both a waste preventer and a waste creator, strongly advocating for fact-based, evidence-driven solutions which take account of whole-of-life considerations.

Parul Sood – General Manager, Waste Solutions, Auckland Council
Parul is an experienced public service leader, working with a diverse team that is passionate about helping make Auckland a world-class city by turning its waste to resources and striving for a circular economy. She also leads policy and strategy related to waste management and minimisation issues. Parul has worked in local government for more than a decade in New Zealand and understands the issues and opportunities that local government has in trying to achieve the goal of Zero Waste.

Kristy Lorson – Founder of Zero Waste in NZ!EarthSavvy
Kristy Lorson is a zero waste advocate and entrepreneur. She is the founder of Facebook group ‘Zero Waste in NZ!’ and online zero waste store EarthSavvy. Through the EarthSavvy blog, her Facebook group and zero waste workshops that she runs, Kristy educates people on practical ways they can put a dent in their waste. She believes that through education our society will shift away from wasteful disposable habits and embrace a sustainable lifestyle. Kristy’s vision is for every New Zealand household to be zero waste.


Check out reporter Jehan Casinader’s short doco for TVNZ’s Sunday, looking at New Zealand’s waste crisis.



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