Marcus Roberts, senior researcher at independent think-thank Maxim Institute in Auckland New Zealand

Director of Research and Development Marcus Roberts

Every society tells a story about the good life, getting a fair go, or what it takes to live well. Sadly, there are many people living in poverty in New Zealand, their stories marred by disadvantage and lack of hope and opportunity.

Maxim Institute is committed to seeing New Zealand be a place where every person has what they need to belong in their community, has the tools and opportunities they need to provide for their family, and where each one of us understands our role in making this a reality. Maxim Institute’s multi-year research project produced three research papers, finishing with a number of recommendations for what needs to change in order to change the story of poverty in our country.

Research Papers

Starting with an Issues Paper, we consulted with experts across New Zealand and incorporated their reflections on the reality of poverty into the two Policy Papers that followed.


A selection of our published columns on poverty and our policy recommendations.


Following the release of these papers, we continued the conversation with inequality expert Max Rashbrooke.

Media Coverage

Changing the Story Panel Event

Featuring Wellington City Missioner Tric Malcolm and Professor David Fergusson, this panel conversation offers an opportunity to consider what’s being done, and what could be done to change the story of poverty in New Zealand.

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