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Flint & Steel Volume 06 | Magazine Launch

“… on vocation, working, and living” 

“So what do you do?”

These five words are the most predictable starting point of getting-to-know-you small talk in New Zealand. It’s a safe, not too intrusive question, but it still aims at a modern understanding of identity—assuming that how someone chooses to earn a living should tell us something about who they are.

This year’s volume of Flint & Steel magazine considers the place of paid work in our lives, and where else we look to draw meaning and purpose. While the word vocation tends to conjure up certain jobs or careers with a strong sense of identity—like doctors, teachers, or lawyers—the concept reaches far beyond employment, into family, rest, creativity, and community.

Among the eight new articles, our contributors explore the clash of cultural expectations in New Zealand’s workplaces, the way our education system communicates the purpose of learning to generations of future workers, and the differing narratives of family and work for men and women in our society.


Leilani Tamu is a former NZ diplomat, published poet, Fulbright alumna and the current Manager of Pacific Policy at MBIE. She has a first class Masters in Pacific History from the University of Auckland and was recently nominated as one of their Top 40 under 40 alumna. She is also the director of a small community social enterprise The Food Waste Fairy Ltd and the proud mother of Kahlei (9) and Luka (5). Leilani has ancestral and marital connections to Samoa, Tonga and Niue.

We recorded this event, and will be releasing the podcast December. Check in over on our podcast page to see when it goes live. While you wait, get your hands on Flint & Steel Volume 06 by ordering a copy here.


We are excited to announce the launch of our Flint & Steel website. With the 5 previous volumes free for you to read, and share, we welcome you to go check it out HERE.

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