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New Zealanders need to inspect details of End of Life Choice Bill

MEDIA RELEASE: Thursday, 14 December 2017

With the End of Life Choice Bill now voted through to Select Committee stage, New Zealanders should think carefully about what the Bill would actually allow and prepare themselves to have a say on its content.

Maxim Institute CEO Alex Penk encourages all New Zealanders to consider making a submission to the Select Committee, saying: “The issue has now moved past simply being for or against the general idea of euthanasia. Now it’s about a specific bill that would fundamentally change our law around living and dying, and we must take the opportunity to carefully consider the contents and probable effects of this proposed law.”

“Based on our years of research of the international experience of similar laws, we think this Bill would introduce an unsafe practice for all future New Zealanders, fundamentally changing New Zealand culture around the end of life, suicide, suffering, and disability,” says Mr Penk. “No matter which side of the debate people sit on, this summer they should take time to read the Bill on the Parliament website, consider their response, and make a submission to the Committee.”

“Far from being a done deal, this Bill is still up for discussion,” says Mr Penk. “In fact, most of the time these types of bills are considered in parliaments around the world, they end up being voted down, and for good reason,” says Mr Penk, “In 2017 alone, parliaments in New South Wales, New Mexico, Tasmania, and Maine have voted down euthanasia legislation, with Victoria’s parliament the only one to pass the practice into law.”


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By Alex Penk - 14/12/2017

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