Researcher Danielle van Dalen

While working on our research on poverty, the Maxim team talked with officials in Wellington and asked: “what part of the poverty equation is overlooked in New Zealand research?” One of the answers was people with disabilities, many of whom are perfectly capable of working, but remain on social welfare because they can’t find employers who are willing to offer them a job.

Researcher Danielle van Dalen took on this portfolio, starting with roundtable discussions that brought together people with disabilities with policy experts, employment advocates, educators, and business leaders. Her first discussion paper, Acknowledging Ability, set out the problems that were expressed through these roundtables, and outlined the challenges and opportunities for Government and for employers.

Her second paper, Creating Opportunity, offered a series of policy recommendations that would amplify opportunity for people with disabilities, and make it easier for employers to hire and support an employee with a disability.

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