MIC 14 | COVID Constitutional Check-Up

It has been over two years since our first lockdown. Our nations constitutional response to the COVID crisis has prompted many questions: What has happened in the courts? How has the fabric of our society changed? How might we be better prepared for the next crisis?
Maxim Institute is releasing a paper in June reviewing our constitutional response and offering some hopeful answers to these and other questions. Research fellow Alex Penk has analysed of all the major court cases, delved into parliamentary reports, and taken stock of officials’ advise to prepare one of the most comprehensive COVID response reviews to date. Alex will be joined in discussion by Maxim Institute Senior Researcher Marcus Roberts at Pocket Bar in Grey Lynn, Wednesday 22 June.

There will be plenty of time for your questions, so come at 6:30pm to order a drink and food, and our conversation will start at 7pm.

Our Panellists:

Marcus Roberts, senior researcher at independent think-thank Maxim Institute in Auckland New Zealand

Marcus Roberts

Marcus Roberts joined the Maxim Institute as a Senior Researcher in 2022. Marcus has a background in the law, both in practice and academia. After practising in tax and insolvency litigation, he studied for his LLM at the University of Auckland and stayed on at that institution for a number of years, teaching in a variety of core law courses. His research interests include New Zealand’s broader constitutional framework, demographic change and New Zealand’s place in a rapidly changing Pacific and wider world.

Alex Penk Maxim Institute Research Fellow

Alex Penk

Alex Penk is an experienced leader and strategist, skills he honed during his six years as CEO of the independent public policy think tank, Maxim Institute. He led Maxim through a period of significant change to generate real results—new and effective strategy, an increased budget, a cohesive team, and a larger public presence.

Alex is passionate about the importance of effective strategy, courageous leadership, strong culture, and great communications, because he’s lived out their power to help people thrive and organisations succeed.

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