Housing Panel – Live Q+A

June 15, 2018


A decent, affordable place to live is a basic need for every person, but for too many people in New Zealand it remains a goal that seems to be slipping further out of reach.

Our housing problem is multifaceted, with many people attempting to provide part of the answer. To give an insight into this complexity Maxim Institute hosted a panel discussion featuring three experts with different backgrounds and perspectives: from social housing provision to non-profit rent-to-own solutions through to development that meets the commercial market.

Watch the event video here:

Our Panellists


Charles Ma | CEO, MADE

MADE is committed to creating successful places that foster community, taking a long term, holistic view of property development.

Charles has completed over $1bn of property development, with over $3bn currently underway on projects in Auckland and Hamilton that aim to deliver over 5,000 homes to the market.

Through the work of MADE, Charles wants to create communities that promote human connection, and aims to provide market solutions to the problem of housing affordability.


Paul Gilberd | General Manager, NZ Housing Foundation

The Housing Foundation exists to deliver safe, affordable housing to low-income, working families and people who would otherwise not be able to fulfil the kiwi dream of owning their own home.

They are currently building hundreds of affordable houses across New Zealand, for households and communities in need.

The NZHF is a non governmental organisation, a charity, operating on community values, that is committed to being part of the solution to the significant national challenge of affordable housing.


Greg Foster | National Director, Salvation Army Social Housing

Greg has just returned from 26 years working overseas in the development field, mainly in Africa and Asia.

For the last 14 years he has been involved in the field of housing provision for the most vulnerable. Greg now heads up the Salvation Army’s social housing work as National Director.

The current focus of the Salvation Army is to provide transitional/emergency housing for those in desperate need, and to grow their social housing portfolio so that people can live long term in a safe, warm and dry home.

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