Flint & Steel Vol. 10 Launch | Your Phone Is Listening: Society and Secrets on Social Media

We are very excited to announce the upcoming release of Flint & Steel Vol. 10 | Social Media: Playground, Battlefield, Abyss.

To celebrate the release of this volume and the impact of Flint & Steel over the past nine volumes to date, we are hosting a launch event on Thursday, 30 November. The event will be held at Pocket Bar, Grey Lynn, Auckland. Arrive from 7:30pm for an 8pm start, or visit the main bar to enjoy some dinner and drinks before the event. Cash bar available throughout the event and platters provided. 

Former Digital Media Advisor to Australia’s 30th Prime Minister Jisoo Kim reveals how much your phone is really listening to you. She unpacks how algorithms determine what you see and shape how you behave. Jisoo also explains how misinformation, among other social media-related challenges, impacts politics at local and global levels.

Pre-order Flint & Steel Vol. 10 and register for our launch event below.

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F&S 10 - cover draft

Flint & Steel Vol. 10 | Social Media: Playground, Battlefield, Abyss
Social media has immense power to connect and divide us. Its reach and speed provide opportunities for good and harm multiplied exponentially. We must understand its potential and hazards to make the most of it. Social networks enable niche communities but also isolate us in filter bubbles. While social media democratises communication, it facilitates surveillance, oversharing, and blurs the line between public and private. We must take personal responsibility for our online behaviour, supplementing digital connections with embodied experiences. Prudent regulations can curb abuse of these systems and safeguard data rights. We must use social media with wisdom, care, and responsibility to harness its potential while mitigating its hazards.

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