Paul Henderson on AI – Part One

July 30, 2021

Whether it’s Netflix recommendations or your phone suggesting how you might want to finish your sentences, AI or artificial intelligence is already deeply embedded in the way we live and get things done.

But what might these benign digital improvements be learning about us, and what will this data end up being used for? How smart, and how powerful might machine intelligence get in the coming years? And what are the implications for the way we live and think of issues like privacy, security, and what it means to be a human being?

Maxim Institute Senior Fellow Paul Henderson has been studying machine intelligence for six years and has just submitted his DPhil thesis on human and artificial intelligence, and moral reasoning. In our conversation, he’ll outline some of the big developments that are happening in AI, and how they might come to affect the way we live in the next ten to fifteen years, and beyond.

This is the first part of our conversation, which will be followed by additional podcasts on this subject in the coming months.

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