At the core of our work is an understanding that it is ideas that will shape society over time, so we’re in the business of long-term research and analysis of the policies and ideas that form our nation’s social, political, and cultural practices.
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Flint & Steel

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“OK Boomer!” Two words that both captured and ignited the perceived conflict between generations. Boomers have wrecked the world, Millennials are entitled snow- flakes, Gen Z are the hope for the future, and wait… who are Gen X again?
We’re not going to get anywhere, generations are at war!
Our hope is that as you read through this year’s edition of Flint & Steel, you’ll see past superficial disputes. You will reach across the chasm of the years, and realise the generational divide isn’t as wide as advertised, nor as shattering.

Let’s take up the challenge, and see how much the generations are a fabric that cannot be separated.

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