At the core of our work is an understanding that it is ideas that will shape society over time, so we’re in the business of long-term research and analysis of the policies and ideas that form our nation’s social, political, and cultural practices.
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As a technological phenomenon, social media connects—and divides—us like almost nothing before. Its speed and scale provide almost exponential opportunities to do good or harm. Social media democratises communications, yet digital trails also facilitate surveillance oversharing, bringing new intimacy but blurred public/private boundaries. And machine learning that enables discovery also risks misusing cultural data. All of this power sits in our hands, though we rarely stop to consider its implications. I hope you’ll be encouraged as you read through this year’s edition of Flint & Steel. Social media is no panacea, but it’s also not a villain. It merely hands each of us power. How will we choose to wield it? That’s up to us.

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