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Jane Silloway Smith in the NZ Herald

30 January 14

In response to our media release "Don't waste money on my family," the NZ Herald featured Research Manager Jane Silloway Smith and her family in an article exploring the impact of Labour's proposed Best Start policy on young families.

Mike Hosking interviews Jane Silloway Smith

29 January 14

On Newstalk ZB, Maxim Institute Research Manager Jane Silloway Smith talked to Mike Hosking about Labour's plans to pay parents of babies $60 per week, and National's suggestions they may support extending paid parental leave.

Christchurch Press features Luke Fenwick

23 September 13

In light of the government's announcement of the first five partnership schools operators, the Christchurch Press ran an op-ed written by Maxim Institute researcher Luke Fenwick. The article spotlights some of the operators of the new schools and praises the structures of accountability the government has put in place around them.

media releases

What is Child Poverty?

12 February 14

“If we don’t know what child poverty is, or agree on how to understand it, it’s hard to do anything about it,” says Kieran Madden, Poverty Issues researcher at Maxim Institute. 

"Don't waste money on my family."

28 January 14

Dr. Jane Silloway Smith, Research Manager at independent think tank Maxim Institute and soon to be mother of two, questions how helpful Labour’s Best Start for Children package—and an extension of paid parental leave as indicated by National today—are, calling them poorly targeted to the problem of child poverty and a waste of money.

Appetite for a longer parliamentary term recognised by constitutional panel

06 December 13

“It’s great to see the Panel recognise the significant groundswell of support for a four-year parliamentary term in New Zealand,” says Maxim Institute researcher Kieran Madden, “it’s now time for the Government to get serious and take the next step.”

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