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Poverty work featured on Newstalk ZB, NZ Herald, and Kiwiblog

31 March 15

Maxim Institute's policy paper The Heart of Poverty - defining and measuring what it means to be poor in New Zealand was reported by the New Zealand Herald, Kiwiblog and Newstalk ZB, and sparked several hours of talkback radio where callers discussed the paper's call for Kiwis to define the bare necessities of life in New Zealand.

Dr Jane Silloway Smith on RadioLIVE Drive

11 November 14

The day after Brittany Maynard died in her own assisted suicide, RadioLIVE's Andrew Patterson interviewed Maxim Institute research manager Dr Jane Silloway Smith on the ramifications this story might have on the assisted suicide debate in New Zealand.

Alex Penk interviewed for Morning Report

15 July 14

Radio New Zealand's Morning Report interviewed Alex Penk for his response to a court case between Climate Vote and the Electoral Commission over the requirement to register as a third party promoter in the lead up to the 2014 election.

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What are New Zealand's "bare necessities?"

30 March 15

What is the bottom line standard of living we would expect any New Zealander to enjoy? Maxim Institute wants Kiwis to be given the chance to define a minimum “basket of goods,” establishing the bare necessities any of us would need to participate in New Zealand society.

Life's value not determined by "quality"

04 November 14

"Our society cannot both mourn and advocate for suicide. We have to choose one message about life: let it be that it has value in all its forms."

School Leadership Project Launch

24 July 14

What is the “magic” of great school leaders, and how do we replicate it? What does it look like when popular leadership theory meets actual school life? Maxim Institute’s latest education project explores these questions.

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