Maxim Institute internships exist because we believe that “ideas have consequences.” We provide young people with an opportunity to think deeply about the philosophies and issues that shape our country as a whole, and them as individuals.

Our internships also create an opportunity to apply that thinking in practical placements, working alongside our staff on our projects. All of this takes place in a residential setting, as interns live together nearby our offices. The experience allows them to develop theoretical, professional and inter-personal skills, honing both their minds and their character. Interns are selected on the basis of their intellectual potential, their character, and their desire to live lives of influence and service.

The summer internship programme is full-time and based in Hillsborough, Auckland. The programme runs from mid-November to mid-February. Mornings are spent in lectures or study and afternoons are spent working in practical placements. In the evenings, time is spent reflecting on the material being covered and sharing meals together. Twice a week, a discussion evening is held with Residential Hosts or other guests.

As well as being a formative experience, the internships are also a lot of fun. They offer a unique opportunity to spend time learning and living with a close group of peers.

curriculum in brief

Building on the idea of a classical education, interns are encouraged to learn about a range of disciplines and to consider multiple spheres of life. Teaching modules cover foundational concepts and ideas, and then explore how those ideas play out in contemporary issues that the Institute engages with, such as ideals of justice in tax policy.

Interns are invited to ask questions of all the material and to engage critically and reflectively with what is taught. We intend to stimulate serious thinking that will enable interns to build strong foundations for their future lives of service. Interns also have the opportunity to hear from those already serving our nation, such as leaders of community groups and members of Parliament.

application process


To be eligible for the Summer Internship, candidates must:

  • Be 18 years or over;
  • Have an academic record that demonstrates intellectual potential and the ability to study at tertiary level;
  • Have a good work ethic;
  • Have a track record of service, for example in the local community; and
  • Want to live lives of influence and service.

To request an application form and further details about the programme contact the Internships Coordinator.

"The internship offered a unique experience; one that I think is unmatched in New Zealand. It provided an opportunity to take time out to consider big questions about what society is and what it could look like. To think, discuss, debate and ultimately seek to effect positive change in our communities." Rebecca (Summer Intern 2003/2004)