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Annual Sir John Graham Lecture 2015 | Woven Together

Speaker: Hon Sir Pita Sharples

Hon Sir Pita Sharples has lived with his feet in two worlds: a pioneering leader of Māori culture, and a respected academic, advisor, and politician within historically Western contexts. He brings this understanding of Aotearoa New Zealand to his vision of how we might connect our ways of living and offer each other the best of what we have.

On the 24th July at the 2015 Sir John Graham Lecture, held in the Grand Tearoom of the Heritage Auckland, Sir Pita brought his vision to this ongoing national conversation that requires equal amounts of courage and generosity.

Beyond Profit | how the economy can be good for our society

Speaker: Hon Bill English & Nathan McLellan

It can’t be all about the money.

If we gauge our national success solely on having a growing economy, we reduce our vision of what’s needed for New Zealanders to thrive. Growth matters for New Zealand’s economic future, but we need an expanded view of what’s important for our economy and our society.

Annual Sir John Graham Lecture 2014 | When Freedoms Collide

Speaker: Professor Helen Alvaré

A society that values freedom of thought will inevitably find itself at the intersection of competing views of freedom. What we do then will show us what we really value.

At the Heritage Hotel on July 31, 2014, Professor Helen Alvaré sparked a discussion on how we maintain a society that is both safe and open to all.