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Game Changers | on leading and learning

Speaker: Iva Ropati | Viviane Robinson | Tim O'Connor

Perspectives from Iva Ropati, Viviane Robinson and Tim O’Connor on the non-negotiables of leading kids to success in school.

As school leadership had emerged as a hot topic in the 2014 election, our panel of principals and academics engaged with each other and the audience on how great leaders can really affect how our kids learn.

Wasted Youth? | How one audacious leader re-imagined the system

Speaker: Dale Williams

Dale Williams had a problem. He inherited the leadership of a small town that was facing high rates of youth crime and unemployment, vandalism, and the looming threat of closing businesses. He listened to his community and fought to implement creative solutions, significantly improving local systems in Otorohanga as Chair of the Mayors Taskforce for Jobs with their goal of "zero waste of youth."

Annual Sir John Graham Lecture 2013 | The Illusion of Neutrality

Speaker: Dr Jonathan Chaplin

The public square is not a neutral space. In this lecture, Dr Jonathan Chaplin confronts the fallacy that political ideas can ever be completely detached from foundational worldviews, cultures or religions.

He presents a vision of a dynamic public square in which true diversity is respected, and argues that democracy will be strengthened, not weakened, by openly expressing the deep commitments underlying our political debates.