Towards a nation of connected cultures


    The Hon Sir Pita Sharples delivers the 2015 Sir John Graham Lecture: Woven Together | towards a nation of connected cultures

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    WHY NOT? 
    Making sense of the case against assisted suicide


    Click here to see full video of the Care Alliance event in Auckland. 

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    by Maxim Institute researcher Kieran Madden


    Download your copy of our new Policy Paper, The Heart of Poverty - defining and measuring what it means to be poor in New Zealand 

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BLOG - Euthanasia Facts: A response to ACT's Free Press

Recently, the ACT Party's Free Press newsletter called into question the veracity of some facts used by Family First on their website protect.org.nz; facts drawn from Maxim Institute research that was made available to the public. We take this opportunity here to respond to their critiques so as to set the record straight. + more

BLOG - Inspiring Sustainable Development Goals

Thankfully, the UN did not just reset the clock and give the world another 15 years of the MDGs. Instead, they pulled together the largest cross-section of public, private, and civil-society officials, experts, and organisations to draft a document that is more inclusive, more comprehensive, and more sensitive to national and cultural nuance and priorities than its MDG predecessor. + more

BLOG - An unrealistic opportunity for equality

Is equality of opportunity a goal worthy of striving after? In no uncertain terms, Vox.com’s Dylan Matthews says no. Why? “The only problem,” Matthews argues, is that “pursuing true equality of opportunity would require turning America into a dystopian, totalitarian nightmare—and even then, it would still prove impossible.” + more

BLOG - Rugby, the nation, and the flag

The All Black tour of 1905, like the battle of Gallipoli a decade later, was a moment New Zealanders, both contemporaries and their descendants, took to be a defining moment. These were moments that highlighted something essential about New Zealanders and their culture (their strength, their bravery, their ingenuity) as well as establishing New Zealand’s relationship with the Empire and Commonwealth – no “little Britain” but a land and people of its own with much to be proud of. + more

BLOG - Assisted dying rejected again

This past Friday the UK’s House of Commons rejected a bill that would legalise assisted suicide; with 330 MP’s voting against it, and just 118 voting to pass it through for a second reading. The vote came after almost five hours of debate in the House, and months of passionate campaigning from both sides. Proponents of assisted suicide in the UK claim that 80% of the public want legalised assisted suicide. So why have their parliamentarians rejected the notion with a two thirds majority? + more

  • "The tragedy of modern man is not that he knows less and less about the meaning of his own life, but that it bothers him less and less."

    - Vaclav Havel